Customers Are Engaged in Unique Ways Through Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are not a passing trend. The most recent marketing theme captures and piques viewers’ curiosity. However, how are these films used by small businesses? I’m delighted you’re curious.

To begin, it is necessary to understand that there are two types of customised films (and luckily, Gibson Girls Marketing offers both). Choosing one over the other is mainly decided by the intended use. Perhaps a narrative is in order here.

On A Massive Scale, Personalized Videos

Marketer A wishes to tell her customers through email about the availability of a new product or service. She maintains a list of those who have shown their willingness to receive her updates. Individual movies including the names of everyone on her list would take an inordinate amount of time (thus the requirement of GGM!).

You provide Gibson Girls with the list, and we make a video for each individual on it. The films are delivered to each person using their name, perhaps their city, and whatever other information Marketer A has acquired.

Each movie is sent to each recipient via email, along with other customised information.

This is an intriguing piece of content, and it generates considerable attention for Seller A.

This scenario is perfect for real estate agents, auto dealers, and insurance salespeople, as well as anybody else with a large list of people to reach via customised films.

These customised movies are distributed in batches in accordance with a recipient list. They’re ideal for mass email campaigns, such as sending a video thank you to a list of conference attendees.

Personalized Video Messages Might Help You Get More Cold Calls.