What To Do If You Have Vibration White Finger

Jason Jones, a factory worker for a large steel company who typically does not complain, went to the doctors seven years ago for numbness in his right pointer finger. Jason did not anticipate it to be dangerous, perhaps he simply hit a nerve. Jason was half right, the doctor informed him after test that he had VWF, better known as Vibration White Finger. Jason was shocked and confused when he heard this term, as many Americans are. If Jason, like many other people knew about Vibration White Finger, perhaps he could have prevented it.

Vibration White finger is a disorder that affects the arm and hands, primarily due to using tools, especially those that vibrate. There are many different symptoms such as numbness, white patches, the feeling of pins and needles, and coldness to name a few. Unfortunately, Vibration White Finger is not a disorder that will go away on its own, or get better over time. It is important if any of the listed prior symptoms occur that one visits a doctor. In the meantime or during there are some ways to deemphasize symptoms by increasing circulation. Find time for short workouts, drink warm liquids, stop the use of tobacco products, eat small and healthy meals, and keep your hands warm.

There are laws that may protect you in your state against Vibration White Finger. If your doctor diagnoses you with that disorder, it may be beneficial to have a consultation to a personal injury attorney so you can know your rights.