Learn How and When to Use a Wrist Brace

How to use Wrist Braces

1. Generally due to the way the wrist is bent during sleep, the most intense pain is felt when you wake in the mornings. So the best time to use a brace is during the night, put them on just before you go to bed.

2. Make sure that the carpal tunnel wrist braces that you have chosen fit perfectly, they should not be too tight (will restrict blood flow) or too loose (will not provide support) or else they will not give you any relief.

3. If you experience pain when typing or other work that involves the flexing of the wrist, you should do that work with the carpal tunnel wrist braces on.

4. Make sure that if you have pain in just one wrist, that you purchase the wrist brace for the appropriate wrist. Do dot buy a generic wrist brace as they could make your condition worse.

From my own experience these are the most important requirements of any hand brace:

1. The brace must have a structure that will enable your wrist to be exactly in line with your forearm. You should not be able to bend or rotate your wrist alone with the brace on.

2. The straps should have velcro as the fastening mechanism. This will ensure that you can make the brace as tight or loose as required to fit your hand snugly. Do not purchase braces that have no fastening mechanism (ie. made of elastic material) or ones that have buckles, as they will not enable a perfect fit.

3. Material: Ensure that the material is breathable, this will allow air circulation and prevent sweating and dampening the glove.